Break Free From the Monotonous Social Loops with Live Entertainment Activities

You must have heard the phrase ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. We couldn’t agree more. In this new era of main hustles, side hustles and passive incomes, one tends to forget to actually enjoy small moments or even big ones. We all are so busy running in the rat race that our lives have become monotonous.

To escape the boredom of day-to-day life, there are several cool activities that you indulge in. However, the most interesting and unique is the ‘Escape Room’. How cool is that? Now, we are sure you have heard of these escape room activities but you might have been skeptical about them. Escape rooms work great as a source of live entertainment. Moreover, you can explore a wide variety of themes at ‘The Great Xcape”. From corporate team building activity ideas to family bonding sessions, they have got it all covered.

corporate team building activity ideas for Live Entertainment

Benefits of Live Entertainment For Adults in Fun Group Settings

When grown-ups want to hang out, the usual option is to go for dinner or get drinks at a bar after work. All of this starts to lose charm after a while and feels like a repetitive loop. What’s worse it can dampen your relationship with your friends or family and make it feel lackluster.

The same goes for corporate team building activities ideas. It can be difficult to bring out-of-the-box options for a healthy ice-breaker or to help your team gel together. If you are a corporate employee, we don’t need to stress exactly how important teamwork is for the success of any organization.

However, if you are still contemplating whether these escape rooms are worth a try, the following are some benefits that might end up convincing you.

Let Go of that Nasty Stress with Live Entertainment

Most people tend to sit in front of a TV or sleep after a long tiring week at work. Occasionally, they would make plans with friends to chill but something still feels missing. What one ideally needs is an out-of-the-box idea. An idea such as escape room for large group . The concept of the escape room is designed to help you relieve stress and stay in the present moment. With its intriguing tricks and puzzles, you will be solely focused on the hunt for that key that unlocks the door to let you out.

If you choose to go with family, friends or even your co-workers, you will have a great time bonding together and coming up with ideas; just existing in the moment. Completely focused on the present tasks at hand.

Stimulate your Brain with a Healthy Dose of Creativity

According to research, playing innovative games stimulates your brain, making it work way more efficiently than before. Live entertainment provides you with the perfect opportunity to think on your feet. Be it a stand-up comedy act or a music concert, you will feel truly immersed in the experience. Likewise, with escape rooms, you have to be on your toes to think fast and quickly. Since there is a timer running and you have to get out on time if you want to win. 

All these activities provide your brain with a chance to adapt to new settings and take inspiration from the creativity around you. The stand-up comedy jokes will improve your comic timing along with your sense of humor, the music concert will touch your soul while relaxing your brain whereas escape rooms will help you in building up your analytical thinking skills.

Staying Connected with Closed Ones

Staying Connected with Closed Ones

In the modern era of social media, staying connected to close ones is tougher than before. Surprisingly, the closer these social apps make us feel, the reality is that we have way more distance between us. The closeness that we feel, in most cases, is an illusion made up of fake fillers and poised pictures.

Remember, how we used to play when we were kids? All our guards were down and we just wanted to have a good time. You can still experience the joy of those childhood feelings. Opting to go for an escape room group activity is a great idea for reliving those childhood memories of fun times. If you are confused about where to start or require a better understanding of how these games work out, The Great Xcape is a terrific place to start. They provide immersive and adventurous experiences that will bring your close ones together, and use your brains collectively to make it out in an hour. Sounds fun, right?

Learn Something New Every time 

Indulging in experiences like live entertainment for young adults helps you out in learning new things. Every time, you decide to skip binge-watching and opt to go for a cooking or painting class, yoga sessions or even just a walk in the park; you end up learning something new. In fact not only do you end up learning something new but the chances are you meet someone new as well. It can be a chance to expand your social circle. These activities provide you with exposure and enhance your social skills. Your sense of self-confidence gets a boost and you feel empowered. 

Enrich your Lives with New experiences

People these days are eager to try out new things. According to a survey people are willing to spend more on a new experience instead of buying assets. The younger generation believes in staying in the moment and making the most of it.

However, on the other hand, people these days feel isolated and find fewer and fewer opportunities to interact and meet new people. The same old activities of get-togethers have started to feel more like rituals instead of recreation.  Live interactive entertainment activities takes care of all these concerns by providing you with a chance to try out something new and exciting.

Live Entertainment Themes Available at The Great Xcape for Fun Activities for Young Adults

We have discussed the numerous benefits of live interactive activities for young adults but one that is most fun is for sure escape room mysteries. The Great Xcape aims to provide an adventurous and laughter filled experience that will leave your senses tingling with excitement. Some of the popular themes are as follows:

Murder Mystery Meals

If you are one of those groups of people who live to eat then this is the perfect theme for you. It’s set up in an intriguing manner with a jolly group of people having dinner or lunch when the murder occurs. Every person is assigned a role, with a background story, motives and a unique personality. The group works together to figure out who the killer is. It’s mysterious and a whole lot of suspense, guessing the killer. The air can be really competitive so you need to put on your thinking hats for this one. The murder mysteries are perfect for groups that like suspense and have a taste for the thrill.

Corporate Events

If you are looking for a fun ice-breaking ceremony or a team-building activity, look no further. The Great Xcape challenges your team with a wide range of puzzles and tasks. These require collaborating as a team and coming up with viable solutions to get out of the escape room in one hour. Moreover, it enhances your team’s creative thinking, adaptability and quick decision-making skills. The best part is that this corporate team-building idea will develop skills that can be utilized at the workplace as well. Our corporate events are a smash hit every time because everyone gets a chance to loosen up their ties and have some fun.

Customize your Theme as per your Preference

If you have a specific theme in your mind that you want to play out with your group, The Great Xcape is happy to accommodate your themes and plans. Whether it’s a girls’ night out on the hunt for a long-lost treasure or a birthday party with an Alice in Wonderland theme; The Great Xcape has got your back.

You can also go for more explosive themes such as diffusing a timebomb or traveling back 100s of years to find dinosaur eggs that have the hidden key that will ultimately yield the door open for you to escape.

Looking Forward to the Live Entertainment of A Lifetime with The Great Xcape?

People these days are always looking to explore and gain new experiences. The age-old activities have become boring and people like to have a bit of thrill in their activities. The rush of dopamine feels great and leaves you feeling energetic even afterward. 

Moreover, indulging in interactive activities in social settings can help you build up confidence, meet new people and relax. Interactive activities provide you with the perfect substitute for being glued to your screen and exploring an immersive experience. 

However, amongst the many interactive activities for adults, escape rooms are a popular hit amongst the older and younger generations. The thrill of finding the key and making it out in an hour makes it even more challenging. For that one hour, you and your friends work as a team to find the solution. It’s an enchanting experience, especially with the variety of themes that The Great Xcape offers

From medieval themes that will transport you back into the time of kings and queens and dragons to Alice in Wonderland to a high-stake covert operation to diffuse the time bomb quickly. There is something for everyone. You can even personalize your theme. The best part is that this activity can be played by any number of players between 2-8. 
So what are you waiting for? Book your great escape live entertainment activity at The Great Xcape now and have the time of your life!


What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are the adventure of a lifetime. A group of people any number between 2-8 players are locked in a room of the theme of your choice. There are clues hidden in the room and you have to search for them as a team in order to get out. What makes the whole experience even more thrilling is that you have git just 60 minutes to finish the puzzle. 

Is there an age limit?

All ages can indulge in this immersive experience however kids 13 and under are advised to bring their guardians with them. It can be a great bonding experience for the kids and parents to indulge in such a playful activity and work together as a family.

How many people at a time can participate in this activity?

The escape rooms can accommodate up to 8 people at a time and ifere are kids in the group then the number can go up to 10. You can choose to go with family, friends or co-workers. There are even options for couples to experience the thrill of an escape room. It can act as a great stimulant for your relationship with your close ones.

Am I really locked in?

Many people worry about this part. The idea of being locked in a room even for 60 minutes can seem daunting. However, there is no reason for any fear. The escape rooms are designed to give you the sense of being locked in but there are exit buttons and close monitoring throughout the process. With The Great Xcape, you are in safe hands. We value the safety and satisfaction of our customers above all.