In Person Rooms

It’s 1720 and you have stowed away aboard the Rover, captained by Pirate John Roberts, also known as Black Bart one of the most feared pirates to sail the seven seas.  Black Bart and his crew just captured a ship with 100,000 in gold coins, jewels and diamonds. 

 Since no one knows you are on the ship you overhear the Captain talking about the treasure along with the codes and traps he has placed to protect his treasure. 

 The Captain and crew are leaving the ship for a short time to resupply before they leave for a long voyage.  You don’t have long to make your way through the ship and figure out the secrets she holds leading to the fortune of a lifetime.

NOTE: This room is a fan favorite for families

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Difficulty: 6 out of 10

Length: 60 Minutes

Our very popular 80’s themed room!

Your poor old aunt Edna has been growing increasingly paranoid over recent years. Since the passing of her husband and the payout of his sizeable life insurance policy, she has suspected the entire family has been trying to steal the inheritance.

Now that she has been moved into a nursing home, she is appealing to you, her favorite relative, to enter her condo, retrieve some personal belongings, and arrange to have them sent to her. The inheritance is carefully hidden somewhere in Edna’s condo, and it’s protected by layers of tricks and traps.

If you’re clever and quick, you may be able to find this wealth that has eluded many before you.

NOTE: This room is a fan favorite for those who miss the 80’s

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Difficulty: 8 out of 10

Length: 60 Minutes

Since the apocalypse, things just haven’t been going your way.

You’ve lost all your worldly possessions, and have been trying to survive in your dystopian neighborhood with the few survivors you have managed to meet along the way. And your chances of survival keep getting slimmer, what with this new outbreak of a horrible virus which is fatal, and rapidly spreading.

Luckily, a brilliant scientist works in your neighborhood, and he created the only known cure. Being a rather paranoid individual, he protected the formula in his lab behind a safe wall of codes and puzzles. Now that he has fallen victim to insanity, he has disappeared and left his antidote in his lab. If you and your fellow survivors can work quickly, you can acquire the antidote before the virus infects you.

NOTE: This is a fan favorite for groups who enjoy science and math.

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Difficulty: 7 out of 10

Length: 60 Minutes

You have been tracking an occult group, called “The Following,“ for months.  

They deal in the dark arts and commit ritual murders believing it will give them supernatural powers.  

Finally, you get a break in the case.  You receive an anonymous letter.  One of the newer members of the group no longer wants to be a part of what they are doing.  Because he suspects the other members are suspicious of him, he is afraid for his life. He is willing to share everything he knows in exchange for his safety.  His letter states that he can’t stay at his place anymore – it isn’t safe!  In the closing of his letter, he reveals that hidden in code throughout his apartment is everything that you need to know to stop the group:

 1) The name of the leader of the group

2) The name of their next victim

3) Where the murder will take place.

NOTE: This is a fan favorite for those groups who want a challenge!!!!

To book, click book now, choose the number of people in your group, select the date and then see what rooms are available at what times.

Difficulty: 9 out of 10

Length: 60 Minutes


1-2 people
3-4 people
5-10 people

Team spirit brings us closer

Original, exciting, fascinating and something very special whether for your partner, family or friend. A tricky puzzle fun for friends and family alike.


One common goal

Follow traces and stay calm while trying to escape from the locked room within the given time. Only together can the goal be achieved and everyone is being challenged.


Everyone can decide

Some are better at logical thinking, others at calculation, third at connecting things. To escape from a room you will need all of these skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, an escape room is an adventure! You and your friends or family are in a themed room and have to figure out how to escape.  You have one hour to search the room, find the clues, solve the puzzles and get out before time expires. 

The Great Xcape offers unlimited hints so we are there for you throughout the process if you need us. This helps the newcomers and kids feel more comfortable and learn along the way. 

Our rooms hold up to 8 adults per room. If there are kids, it could up to 10. 

You can book online or call us at 571-525-4049 and we can book for you!

An open and inquisitive mind. Just be ready to have some fun! 

Of course you can. If you do not finish a room and want to come back and challenge yourself again, we would love to have you! 

We are not a franchise. All our rooms are unique and only available to play here exclusively. 

We are doing everything we can to make this a safe experience for everyone involved. All our rooms are private and sanitized after each use. PPE is required. We have also staggered the room availability so there aren’t too many people in the lobby at the same time.

Our rooms are a great time for the kids and parents to get out of the house and bond but the rooms are not designed for very small children.  In our experience, children five and older are able to work with family members to overcome the obstacles in the room. Younger kids and babies are welcome as long as parents can keep an eye on them. All our rooms are kid friendly and safe for all ages!

We have a large professional conference room for birthday parties (for adults and kids) and a digital interactive play screen!  Please use the contact page or call us for more information.

The cost for each ticket is between $30-$40 depending on the number of people-this does not include facilities fees; however, we frequently have coupons. Check our Facebook page or our blog for current specials

 Our murder mystery meals are ideal for a group of 4-10 people. Food is catered and the room is private. We have a variety of themes and photo props available. 

The Great Xcape also sells gift certificates! You can buy one here.