Alice in Wonderland

Make sure not to miss out on this exciting event! Prepare yourself for an extraordinary escape room experience set in incredibly immersive and captivating surroundings. This adventure encompasses a series of distinct rooms, each accessed through concealed entrances, adding an element of surprise to every stage.

As the participants enter this escape room, they are transported into a realm of a looking glass, where reality and fantasy intertwine. The journey commences as the team crosses the threshold of the escape room through a mysterious mirror door, an entrance setting the tone for the enchanting challenges ahead.

alice in wonderland

At the heart of the game lies a quest for magical “time” spheres that have been inadvertently misplaced by the master of time. The players must navigate through the intricacies of each room, solving puzzles, deciphering riddles, and unraveling mysteries to locate these elusive spheres. Each imbued with its unique temporal power, the orbs hold the key to completing the adventure successfully.

The team inches closer to their ultimate goal with each sphere found, progressing through the escape room’s diverse landscapes and immersive scenarios. From the enigmatic depths of an ancient library to the whimsical realms of a clockwork garden, the journey is rich with surprises, challenges, and discoveries waiting to be unveiled.

Collaboration is essential as the participants work together to decipher clues and solve complex puzzles that guard the coveted time spheres. Every solved puzzle advances the team and deepens the narrative, revealing more about the world they have entered and the stakes they are playing for.

The culmination of the adventure hinges upon the recovery of all the magical spheres. As the last sphere is secured, a climactic moment ensues, where the participants must harness the spheres’ temporal powers to unlock the final escape and return to the ordinary world. Victory is not just in successfully escaping the room but also in the memories created and the bonds forged during this unforgettable journey.

So mark your calendar and gather your team for an immersive escape room experience. Embark on a quest through hidden realms, solve intricate puzzles, and unearth the mysteries of the time spheres. 

This is more than just an escape room – it’s an odyssey into a world of wonder and imagination. Will you and your team answer the call of adventure and conquer the challenges that await? The mirror door awaits your arrival…

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