Murder Mystery Dinner

What Is a Murder Mystery Dinner?

Often described as a live-action version of the game Clue!, this is a themed dinner, with a mysterious murder at the center of the story. Attendees must work together to figure out “who done it. Our murder mystery dinner is a captivating and interactive social gathering, reminiscent of a live Clue! game. Set within a themed dinner party, it revolves around a fictional murder mystery. Each attendee assumes a unique character role, complete with personalities, motives, and secrets. The challenge is for participants to collaboratively piece together clues, interrogate fellow guests, and ultimately uncover the identity of the perpetrator. This immersive experience combines elements of storytelling, role-play, problem-solving, and teamwork, making it a popular choice for group events that not only entertain but also foster camaraderie and intellectual engagement.

The story unfolds…

Package includes: A fully catered 2-Hour Lunch/Dinner Party for up to 10 guests where you, your family, and friends get to be part of the mystery.

Food options include breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or tea party options. American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and other cuisines available.

Prices begin at $60 per person. How do our murder mysteries work? 

Depending on the number of people, the age groups, and more, we have over 40 themes for you to choose from.

Favorite themes include: Mardis Gras, Roaring 20’s, and more! Story lines that incorporate family/kids are also available- game show, movie premiere, fairy tale characters, and more.

Character roles can be given in advance if people want to dress accordingly. Photo props options also included. Call or text 571-525-4049 to book or for details.

Price can change depending on food choice.  24 hours prior notification required. Virtual mysteries are also available. Contact us for details.

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