The Following

You have been tracking an occult group, called “The Following,“ for months.  

They deal in the dark arts and commit ritual murders believing it will give them supernatural powers.  

Finally, you get a break in the case.  You receive an anonymous letter.  One of the newer members of the group no longer wants to be a part of what they are doing.  Because he suspects the other members are suspicious of him, he is afraid for his life. He is willing to share everything he knows in exchange for his safety.  His letter states that he can’t stay at his place anymore – it isn’t safe!  In the closing of his letter, he reveals that hidden in code throughout his apartment is everything that you need to know to stop the group:

 1) The name of the leader of the group

2) The name of their next victim

3) Where the murder will take place.

NOTE: This is a fan favorite for those groups who want a challenge!!!!

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Difficulty: 9 out of 10

Length: 60 Minutes

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