What’s a Virtual Escape Room exactly?

In a world where office boundaries are redefined, step into the premises of innovation and collaboration to experience the exhilarating realm of virtual escape rooms games for team building with us. 

What exactly is a virtual escape room, you ask? It’s the online evolution of the traditional escape room experience. Connect through our user-friendly platform, where you and your team embark on an adventure of puzzle-solving, code-breaking, and uncovering hidden clues.

Why settle for mundane team-building exercises when you can step into the premises of innovation with us? Our virtual escape rooms aren’t just games; they’re a journey where your team bonds, strategizes, and conquers shared objectives.

So, why wait? Join us at The Great Xcape, where the boundaries of team building extend beyond physical spaces. It’s time to indulge in virtual team bonding exercises like never before. Get ready for an engaging adventure that transforms collaboration into conversation!

Unlock the Fun: A Comprehensive List of Virtual Escape Room Games for Your Next Adventure

We at The Great Xcape have come up with a long list of Virtual Escape Room Games at your service. At The Great Xcape, there are two prime locations we are covering.

Virtual Escape Room Games for Team Building Activities at Loudon Country:

At The Great Xcape, the games offered at Loudon Country’s online escape rooms for remote teams are

  • Game of Stones
  • Exorcist
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Time Machine
  • Road of the Ring
  1. Game of Stones:
The throne room of the snow king which is a place shredded in mystery.

With a duration of 60 minutes, Game of Stones serves as a thrilling experience. In this game, a glacier has uncovered an ancient castle and a terrifying evil buried in the ice. The only option for mankind is to buckle up for a war to save their lives.

Fighting for mere survival becomes the only motto of life.

Usual Group Size:

The usual group comprises 2 to 10 people.

Age Appropriateness:

Individuals falling into the age group of 12 and 12 plus are suitable candidates for the game.

Room Difficulty:

The room difficulty level is moderate, depending more on the group size.

  1. Exorcist:
The Exorcist is a game which has an analogy of a small child being fear.The picture shows a child being presented in a fierce manner.

With another immersive escape room experience of 60 minutes, the Exorcist will have your heart pounding. You have to race against the clock to find the origin of the fears that awaken you and give you anxiety, the real anxiety! 

They could be the result of all the unsolved myths you had as a child, and all you need could be a helping hand. But it can be way worse than that, who knows?

Usual Group Size:

The usual group signing up for Exorcist comprises 2 to 6 players.

Age Appropriateness:

The age requirement for an Exorcist is 15 years plus.

Room Difficulty:

Exorcist can be ranked as ‘very difficult’.

  1. Alice in Wonderland:
The picture shows a book where a young girl is setting to embark the journey of Wonderland.

Have you encountered a talking rabbit? 

Alice in Wonderland is the game where you’ll have to follow one to lead you into a bizarre adventure. You are all immersed in a new world, full of magical wonders, it’s a wonderland after all! 

Everything around you is so tempting, but you can’t stay back here. For every extra second you spend here, reduce your chances to escape. You don’t have the time to navigate if it’s a fairy tale or reality, just follow Alice’s footsteps and find your way back to the real world.

Usual Group Size:

The usual group signing up for Exorcist comprises 2 to 6 players.

Age Appropriateness:

The participants of the game shall be of 12 years plus age.

Room Difficulty:

Alice in Wonderland can be ranked as ‘Medium’ on a scale of difficulty.

  1. Time Machine:
The picture visualizes the the era of dinosaurs as the game consists of a mission to transport an ailing egg to present time so you have to race against the clock.

Full of Easter eggs and surprises, Time Machine is the game that’ll leave your head spinning. 

The game is all that the name indicates, you get caught in a space-time anomaly. With nothing at hand, you must embark on a journey through different decades and gather enough artifacts to power up your time machine and make it back to the present day.

Usual Group Size:

4 to 8 players can gather to play Time Machine.

Age Appropriateness:

Individuals aged 13 years plus can sign up for the game.

Room Difficulty:

Time Machine can be ranked as ‘hard’ on the scale.

  1. Road of the Ring:
The picture shows the game room set for the Road of the Rings. Since humans, elves, dwarves, and hobbits co-exist, the setup is made in such a way.

Road of the Rings is the game that serves the perfect balance of a new, captivating world that has its roots embedded in the ancient times. It welcomes you into the world where humans, elves, dwarves and hobbits co-exist. It’s all about a war to master the source of unparalleled power.

Usual Group Size:

The usual group signing up for Road of the Ring can include 2 to 8 participants.

Age Appropriateness:

Participants shall be aged 13 years plus.

Room Difficulty:

On a scale of difficulty, Road of the Ring is ranked as ‘difficult’.

Virtual Escape Room Games for Team Building Activities at Manassas:

The online escape rooms for remote teams at Manassas again put forward an opportunity of a range of games for virtual team bonding exercises. The games are as;

  • Shipwrecked
  • Mad Scientist
  • Mystery of the Missing Millions
  • The Following
  1. Shipwrecked:
The picture shows all that's usually found on a wrecked ship like skulls, some jewels, compasses, and maps.

 With another 60 minutes at your hand, Shipwrecked is the game where you can live your imaginations of the ocean pirates and make a fortune. It’s all about how you can utilize the time to earn a fortune with only an overheard conversation at your side.

Difficulty Level:

On a scale of 1 to 10, Shipwrecked can be placed at point 6.

  1. Mad Scientist:
The picture shows a child working with chemicals and face dirty with some unburnt Carbon. The game relates to a scientist as depicted in the picture.

 Mad Scientist is the game where you are out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Already been affected by an apocalypse with diminishing survival chances, you encounter the outbreak of a horrible virus which is fatal and has already taken the area by storm. Your only chance of survival is an antidote that’s protected behind the bars of codes and passwords.

Difficulty Level:

On a scale of difficulty level, Shipwrecked can be marked as a 7 out of 10.

  1. Mystery of the Missing Millions:
The picture shows the name of the game with some currency notes referring to the hidden inherited wealth.

 Mystery of the Missing Millions is a special 60-minute treat for those who have a knack for the 80s. You are being both blessed and tested as a favorite relative to find the inherited wealth of your poor old aunt Edna.

Difficulty Level:

In terms of difficulty, Mystery of the Missing Millions can be rated as a good 8 out of 10.

  1. The Following:
The picture shows the name of the game with men wearing cloaks. The faces aren't visible, referring to unknown criminals.

 The Following is a game which’ll bring out your heroic style and is greatly admired by people who love challenges. It’s about unraveling a murder about to take place with certain clues by your side.

Difficulty Level:

On a scale out of 10, The Following can be ranked as a whopping 9 out of 10.


How do virtual escape room games work for remote teams?

Virtual escape room games work by providing a shared online platform where team members can collaborate in real-time. Participants use video conferencing and online tools to communicate while navigating through a digital space filled with puzzles and challenges.

Can virtual escape room games accommodate large teams?

Yes, many virtual escape room games are designed to accommodate both small and large teams. The games often involve multiple challenges that require the collective effort of team members to successfully complete.

Do participants need any special equipment or software for virtual escape room games?

Generally, participants need a computer or device with internet access, a webcam for video conferencing, and sometimes basic software or web browser extensions. Specific requirements may vary depending on the virtual escape room platform.

What types of challenges can we expect in a virtual escape room game for team building?

Challenges can include solving puzzles, decoding messages, finding hidden clues, and completing collaborative tasks. These activities are designed to encourage teamwork and critical thinking.

Is it necessary for team members to be in the same location to participate?

No, one of the advantages of virtual escape room games is that team members can participate from different locations. As long as each participant has internet access and the necessary equipment, they can collaborate remotely.

Do virtual escape room games require any prior gaming experience?

No prior gaming experience is necessary. Virtual escape room games are designed to be accessible to individuals with varying levels of gaming expertise, making them inclusive for all team members.

The Great Xcape: Teamwork Unleashed in Virtual Escape Rooms:

The Great Xcape: Your Perfect Spot for Digital Adventures:

Virtual Escape room games have emerged as an engaging tool for fostering team building in a digital age. Through a combination of virtual team bonding exercises discussed in the guide, these games provide teams with a dynamic platform to enhance their communication skills, boost camaraderie, and strengthen the bonds among team members, regardless of physical distance.

Whether focused on improving leadership skills, fostering innovation, or simply promoting a sense of unity, virtual escape room team building activities can be adapted to suit the unique needs of any team.

If you’re looking for escape rooms near Loudoun Country or Manassas, don’t waste a second in contacting The Great Xcape. We have a variety of games to cater your needs.

Book an escape room with us and add another thrilling experience to your book of memories.